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Sustainability - De Castro Group’s Vision

In response to recent major changes in the environment, such as climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic, De Castro Group’s commitment to “People, Planet and Profit” has become even more important.

Given this context, De Castro Group will take on the following challenges as we look toward 2050.

De Castro Group Sustainability Policy

The De Castro Group is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for individuals worldwide. We aim to achieve two synergistic elements of sustainability: promoting a sustainable society and ensuring sustainable growth of our corporate value. Our strategy involves generating value through socially responsible initiatives that result in high profits, thus enabling us to further invest in creating a virtuous cycle of continued contributions to society and the environment.

In order to achieve this, we pursue the optimal corporate governance while practicing the following.


Value creation through contribution to sustainable society

Resolving issues for People and the Planet through our high value-added businesses.

Leveraging our strengths of diversity and capability to change for the creation of value


Responsible business activities

Complying with laws/regulations and respecting international standards regarding business activities (Compliance)

Prioritizing ESH (environment, safety, and health), human rights, and quality assurance throughout all of our activities

Performing appropriate information disclosure and dialogue with our stakeholders


Empowerment of personnel

Respecting diversity and inclusion

Encouraging each employee’s growth, performance, and challenging spirit


The De Castro Group recognizes the importance of both “sustainable growth of corporate value” and “contributing to sustainable society”. Our aim is to create value by contributing to a sustainable society and in turn, generate high earnings to enhance the corporate value of the company. This cyclical process allows us to continually contribute to a sustainable society while also promoting the growth of our corporate value.

Materiality and SDGs

De Castro Group effort for the SDGs

In September 2015, the UN Sustainable Development Summit adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development with an aim to transform the world. The agenda comprises 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 169 targets that focus on ending poverty and inequality, as well as taking action on climate change.

Identifying Our Materiality

Identifying Issues

To identify issues based on the demands of society and in line with our mission, vision, and values, we consulted international guidelines like ISO 26000, the GRI Standards and LUSH criteria. We also looked at the evaluation criteria used by ESG evaluation organizations such as LUSH, the Luxury Sustainable Hotels and Welllness International Association.

Determining the Impact

We assessed the level of impact on both society and our Group and mapped it onto two axes.

Evaluating Validity

The plan’s validity was verified through a comprehensive examination from various perspectives. This included deliberations among divisional managers, discussions with other companies, and interviews with external directors


At the De Castro Group, we recognize that earning our stakeholders’ trust is crucial to our business operations. We strongly believe that meeting the needs and expectations of our customers, shareholders, investors, business partners, local communities, general public, and employees is essential to enhance our corporate value. Therefore, we provide numerous opportunities for communication to facilitate dialogue with stakeholders to gain a better understanding of their expectations and requirements, which in turn improves our business operations.

Communication with stakeholders.


Environmental Management

We recognize environmental initiatives as important management tasks, and as such, we have implemented a group-wide management system.

Climate Change

We undertake actions to address climate change by diminishing the release of greenhouse gases and fostering cutting-edge technologies.


Pollution and Natural Resources

Our goal is to promote resource efficiency and facilitate resource circulation throughout society by optimizing the use of natural resources and energy at every stage of our products’ life cycle.


Water Resource Preservation

We endeavor to improve the efficiency of our water usage in all our business activities while also making a contribution to the preservation of global water resources.



We prioritize the sustainable utilization of biological resources in our business operations, while also considering the preservation of biodiversity.


Environmental Contribution Products

We classify products that support environmental improvement throughout their life cycle as “environmental contribution products,” and we are dedicated to making progress in this regard.


Quality Assurance

We ensure that our products and services are safe and reliable for our customers, and we prioritize authentic communication with them.


CSR Procurement

We collaborate with our suppliers to promote CSR by engaging in fair and transparent business activities that consider environmental issues and human rights.


Human Resources

We respect each and every employee and aim to create a rewarding and vibrant workplace.


Human Rights

We uphold the human rights of all individuals engaged in the De Castro Group’s business operations and promote their full potential.


Health & Productivity Management and Occupational Health & Safety

We engage in diverse activities based on an occupational safety management system to achieve employee health and safety in the workplace.


Process Safety

We continually make voluntary efforts to ensure operational safety.


Social Activities

Our objective is to support the development of local communities by engaging in active communication with community members and promoting a diverse community fellowship program in various regions, including Spain, Mexico, India, and other countries.


Corporate Governance

We are committed to continuously improving our corporate governance by utilizing a transparent, fair, prompt, and proactive decision-making system that adapts to changes in the business environment.



We aim for a higher level of corporate ethics in all of our business activities. This includes not only compliance with laws and regulations, but also social norms.


Risk Management

We have established and are strengthening basic rules for risk management in our business operations and addressing contingencies.




Basic Premises

Main  Opportunities


Eco-friendly amenities, Sustainable travel packages Experiences

Attract conscious consumers seeking eco-conscious luxury

Develop unique, sustainable travel experiences


Green workplace practices, Employee wellness programs, Sustainability training

Fostering a healthy and eco-conscious work environment.
Empowering and upskilling employees in sustainable practices


Collaboration with eco-friendly suppliers, Promoting sustainable practices in the supply chain

Building a sustainable supply chain network

Partnering with suppliers committed to eco-friendly practices

Local Communities

Community engagement programs, Support for local initiatives, Job creation

Strengthening relationships with local communities.

Contributing to local economic development and well-being


Carbon-neutral operations, Renewable energy adoption, Waste reduction and conservation efforts

Minimizing ecological footprint

Contributing to global environmental preservation

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