De Castro Group: the origin

Consultancy specialized in hospitality companies: Analysis to improve brand value, international exposure, and net profits.

Data monitoring: We measure soft and hard sustainability metrics (water consumption, waste, electricity, gas, employee politics, etc) to provide a meaningful analysis based on LUSH criteria.

Hospitality projects development: De Castro Group companies offer a comprehensive solution covering auditing and FF&E supply to the full development of sustainable boutique hotels, med-aesthetic clinics, and brokerage.

De Castro Group is a certified sustainability-driven group of companies working in the hospitality and wellness sectors. The first company started in Zamora, Spain, in 1885 as a family-owned company of artisan tinsmiths and masters in plumbing and heating. It has since successfully expanded its services across the sustainable hospitality industry.

After 4 generations of success followed by a hiatus due to serious illness, we were reborn in 2018. Decades of experience working in 4 continents enrich each project to offer unique experiences in sustainable hospitality.

As a group, it strives to create a community who value and wish to create a more sustainable hospitality industry and a greener world.

Mr. Hector De Castro took the lead as CEO in 2018 and boosted the group by creating new business lines and joining investment funds.

We set strong 2030 environmental targets in wellness and hospitality, responsible use of resources, industry reuse, and recycling. Following LUSH and SDGs, we are certified auditors by LUSH, the Luxury Sustainable Hotels International Association. Strong social commitment to our employees and local communities. Conscious choices are made possible by our mix of international corporate culture and family values: control, commitment and caring. The first company 


Gerardo De Castro

1st Generaton. Founder of G. DE CASTRO company in 1885. Opened 2 successful hospitality workshops in Zamora city center (Spain) and became a master in tinsmith, plumbing and heating works. He was a pioneer and technology lover, becoming the proud owner of the first telephones, cars and vans in the region.
1885 - 1935

Felipe De Castro

2nd Generation. He grew the company to give work to +20 employees, a wide portfolio of services including, storage area an a professionalized post sales technical service. By that time they already had about 100sqm showroom, 400sqm workshop and 300sqm storage area.
1919 - 1963

Ezequiel De Castro

3rd Generaton. He took the lead and kept on growing the company until he went through a serious brain illness. By that time they had some of the main FF&E projects in the region. He became official dealer of, and awarded by top hospitality brands as ROCA. Deep nature lover, environmentalist and defender of Galicia region, in northwest Spain.
1927 - 2012

Alfonso De Castro y Ezequiel De Castro

4th Generaton. They took professional path in banking and healthcare industries, and inherited the deep love for nature and sustainability. Company gap due to serious illness.

Héctor De Castro

5th Generaton. Company reboost and internationalization. Mr Hector De Castro started from the base in 2000 developing hospitality projects for hotel chains in +40 countries of Europe, Middle East, Caribbean, SE Asia and Australia. In 2018 he took de lead of the Group and reboost the company.
2018 - TODAY