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Step into the LUSH community as we navigate the currents of Black Friday, dissecting its roots, values, and actions. Join us in understanding the nuances of this shopping spectacle and how it intertwines with our commitment to hospitality, sustainability, and the impact it bears on the tourism industry.

The Origin of the Term

Black Friday, born from the hustle and bustle of post-Thanksgiving shopping, has evolved from its traffic-laden origins in Philadelphia to become a global phenomenon. While historically associated with retail fervor, our exploration delves deeper, seeking to uncover the values embedded in this tradition and how they align with the principles of LUSH.

Values Inherent in the Black Friday Tradition

  1. Community Engagement: Black Friday has transformed into a communal experience, with friends and families uniting in pursuit of holiday deals. This sense of togetherness aligns with the hospitality values at the heart of LUSH, where we prioritize creating spaces for shared experiences and connections.
  2. Economic Vitality: Black Friday serves as a pivotal moment for businesses to bolster their economic health. This aligns with LUSH’s commitment to sustaining vibrant local economies, recognizing that thriving businesses contribute to the overall well-being of the communities we serve.
  3. Consumer Excitement: The palpable excitement surrounding Black Friday resonates with LUSH’s dedication to providing memorable experiences. We understand the thrill of discovering exclusive deals and sought-after items, and we strive to infuse that same sense of anticipation into our guests’ stays.

Actions Reflecting Black Friday Values

  1. Exclusive Offers: Embracing the spirit of Black Friday, LUSH extends exclusive offers that mirror the value of the day. Our members can enjoy special promotions and packages, aligning with the essence of this annual shopping event.
  2. Collaborative Partnerships: Black Friday encourages collaboration between businesses and consumers. At LUSH, we foster partnerships with local artisans, ensuring that our offerings reflect the richness of the communities we inhabit. This cooperative spirit extends beyond commerce, creating a tapestry of shared success.

Impact on the Tourism Industry

  1. Boost in Travel: Black Friday’s influence extends beyond shopping centers, impacting the tourism industry as well. Travel enthusiasts seize the opportunity to secure discounted hotel stays, travel packages, and experiences, contributing to a surge in post-Thanksgiving travel.
  2. Strategic Marketing: Tourism businesses leverage Black Friday as a strategic marketing tool, enticing travelers with enticing deals to explore new destinations. The holiday season becomes an ideal time for both domestic and international tourists to plan their getaways.
  3. Balancing Sustainability: While Black Friday may drive tourism, LUSH remains committed to balancing the excitement with sustainability. Our approach ensures that increased travel does not compromise our dedication to eco-friendly practices and responsible tourism.


As we ride the wave of Black Friday, the LUSH Hotel Association invites you to embrace the values inherent in this annual tradition. Whether you seek exclusive experiences, economic vitality, or community engagement, our commitment to hospitality remains unwavering. Join us in celebrating the essence of Black Friday while preserving the values that define the LUSH experience. Happy exploring!

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