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Nowadays discerning guest seeks a hotel that embodies not only elegance but also a commitment to environmental and social responsibility. This is where the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) come in – a powerful framework for hotels to not only elevate their sustainability efforts but also connect with a purpose-driven audience.

The SDGs were developed by the United Nations, and they are a blueprint for achieving a better and more sustainable future for all. They encompass 17 interconnected goals, addressing critical issues like climate change, poverty, and inequality. For the ecoluxury hotel sector, these goals offer a roadmap for aligning business practices with a positive global impact.

At Tulum Hotel Marketing Studio, specializes in accelerating ecoluxury boutique hotels brands, we believe in harnessing the power of mixing operational hotel sustainability with digital narratives to showcase a real hotel’s commitment to the SDGs.

Here, we explore 17 key actions your hotel can take to elevate its sustainability level, interwoven with relevant SDGs and leader’s insights:

ACTION 1. Responsible Procurement (alligned to SDG 12):

“True luxury lies not just in the materials and finishes, but in the story behind them – the story of the people who made them and the impact they have on the environment.”
– Arne Sorenson (former CEO Marriott International)

  • Action: Source locally-grown food and handcrafted amenities, reducing your carbon footprint and supporting local communities.
  • Specific TULUM hotel marketing studio’s service to boost your brand here:  We craft compelling narratives highlighting your commitment to local sourcing, showcasing the stories of farmers and artisans you partner with.

ACTION 2. Energy Efficiency (alligned to SDG 7):

“Sustainability is not a cost, it’s an investment.
It’s about investing in the future of our planet and our business.”

– Christopher Nassetta (CEO of Hilton)

  • Action: Invest in energy-efficient appliances, LED lighting, and smart building technology to reduce your energy consumption.
  • Specific TULUM hotel marketing studio’s service to boost your brand here:  We create engaging social media campaigns that showcase your energy-saving initiatives, inspiring others to follow suit.

ACTION 3. Water Conservation (alligned to SDG 6):

“Travelers are increasingly looking for experiences that align with their values.
Sustainability is no longer a niche, it’s a mainstream expectation.”

– Jennifer Hyman (CEO of Skift)

  • Action: Install low-flow showerheads, offer water-saving towels and linens, and educate guests on water conservation practices.
  • Specific TULUM hotel marketing studio’s service to boost your brand here:  We develop targeted email campaigns educating guests about your water conservation efforts, fostering a sense of environmental responsibility.

ACTION 4. Waste Reduction and Recycling (alligned to SDG 12):

Luxury is about cherishing what is precious.
In today’s world, that includes our planet’s resources.”
Kathleen Beisner (Global Chief Marketing Officer of Foru Seasons Hotels)

  • Action: Minimize single-use plastics, implement composting programs, and offer recycling bins throughout the property.
  • Specific TULUM hotel marketing studio’s service to boost your brand here: We utilize captivating video content showcasing your waste reduction initiatives, making sustainability visually engaging for your audience.

ACTION 5. Sustainable Construction Practices (alligned to SDG 11):


 “Luxury is about creating enduring experiences
that leave a positive impact on the world around us.”

Neil Jacobs (CEO of Six Senses Hotels and Resort)

Action: Consider using sustainable building materials, like recycled content or locally sourced wood, during renovation or construction projects.

Specific TULUM hotel marketing studio’s service to boost your brand here: We develop informative blog posts detailing your commitment to sustainable construction practices, positioning your hotel as an environmental leader.

ACTION 6. Responsible Linen and Laundry Practices (alligned to SDG 12):

 “Sustainability is not a fad, it’s the future of travel.
Luxury hotels must embrace this shift to remain relevant.”
– Wyndham Hotels & Resorts’ Geoff Ballotti (CEO)

  • Action: Partner with eco-friendly laundry services that utilize eco-detergents and minimize water usage.
  • Specific TULUM hotel marketing studio’s service to boost your brand here: : We curate impactful infographics that visually represent your commitment to sustainable laundry practices, offering guests a transparent view of your efforts.

ACTION 7. Biodiversity Conservation (alligned to SDG 15):

“Luxury travel has a responsibility
to protect the very ecosystems that create unforgettable experiences for guests.”
– Intrepid Travel’s James Thornton (CEO)


  • Action: Support local conservation efforts, restore native habitats within the property, and educate guests about the importance of biodiversity.
  • Specific TULUM hotel marketing studio’s service to boost your brand here: We develop interactive guest experiences, like guided nature walks or educational signage, that connect guests with the local flora and fauna, fostering an appreciation for biodiversity.

ACTION 8. Responsible Food and Beverage Practices (alligned to SDG 2):

“Fine dining can and should be synonymous with environmental responsibility. Luxury hotels have the power to set a new standard for sustainable gastronomy.”
– Massimo Bottura (Chef)


  • Action: Offer farm-to-table dining experiences, source sustainable seafood, and reduce food waste through composting or donation programs.
  • Specific TULUM hotel marketing studio’s service to boost your brand here: We create mouthwatering social media content showcasing your commitment to sustainable sourcing and farm-to-table dining, whetting guests’ appetites for an eco-conscious culinary experience.

ACTION 9. Carbon Offsetting Programs (SDG 13):

“Travel, by its very nature, has a carbon footprint.
Luxury hotels have a responsibility to minimize their impact and invest in solutions.”

– Gavin Landry (CEO of The Travel Corporation)


  • Action: Partner with carbon offsetting programs to neutralize your hotel’s carbon footprint.
  • Specific TULUM hotel marketing studio’s service to boost your brand here: We craft compelling website copy that explains your carbon offsetting initiatives, demonstrating your commitment to mitigating climate change.

ACTION 10. Sustainable Spa Practices (SDG 12):

“Wellness goes beyond the individual.
True luxury spas prioritize the well-being of both, guests and the environment.”

– Katherine Johnston (CEO of Globsl Wellness Institute)

  • Action: Offer spa treatments using organic products, minimize water usage in spa operations, and utilize energy-efficient equipment.
  • Specific TULUM hotel marketing studio’s service to boost your brand here: We develop captivating video content showcasing your eco-conscious spa offerings, positioning your hotel as a haven for holistic wellness.

ACTION 11. Employee Engagement and Education (SDG 4):

“Our employees are our greatest asset.
Engaging them on sustainability initiatives is key to creating a truly eco-conscious hotel.”

– James Riley (CEO of Mandarin Oriental Group)

Se abre en una ventana nuevaapa.sdg4education2030.org

  • Action: Educate and empower your team on sustainability practices, fostering a culture of environmental responsibility.
  • Specific TULUM studio’s service to boost your brand here: We collaborate with you to develop engaging sustainability training programs for your staff, ensuring everyone is on board with your eco-mission.

ACTION 12. Community Engagement and Support (SDG 17):

“Luxury hotels have the potential to be catalysts for positive change
in the communities they operate in.”
– World Wildlife Fund’s Marco Lambertini (Director General)


  • Action: Partner with local businesses, artisans, and NGOs to support the surrounding community and foster cultural exchange.
  • Quote: 
  • Specific TULUM studio’s service to boost your brand here: We leverage our digital storytelling expertise to showcase your investment in the local community, creating a deeper connection with guests who share your values.

ACTION 13. Responsible Transportation Options (alligned to SDG 11):

“Sustainable travel is about more than just the hotel itself.
We must offer guests options for exploring the destination in a responsible way.”

– Expedia Group’s Barry Diller (Chairman)


  • Action: Offer bicycle rentals, partner with electric car rental services, and provide information on eco-friendly transportation options in the area.
  • Quote: 
  • Specific TULUM studio’s service to boost your brand here: We develop interactive maps and landing pages highlighting sustainable transportation options in the area, promoting eco-conscious exploration.

ACTION 14. Data Privacy and Security (alligned to SDG 16):

Se abre en una ventana nuevarobuenosaires.iom.int

Sustainable Development Goal 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

  • Action: Implement robust data security practices to protect guest privacy and comply with relevant regulations.


By aligning your ecoluxury hotel with the SDGs, you’re not just making a positive environmental and social impact, you’re also elevating your brand and attracting a discerning clientele. Luxury travelers today seek experiences that are not only opulent but also responsible.

Demonstrating your commitment to sustainability through these 17 key actions and beyond sends a powerful message: you care about the future of our planet and the communities you operate in.

At TULUM Hotel Marketing Studio, a De Castro Group Company, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities faced by ecoluxury hoteliers. Our team of digital marketing experts, coupled with De Castro Group’s sustainability expertise, offers a comprehensive solution for showcasing your hotel’s commitment to the SDGs.

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